You can become a top fundraiser for The Walk for Hunger! By following the steps below, not only will you earn Achievement Badges on your fundraising page, you'll be helping hungry families in Mass with each step you take along the way! 


Take a Tour of your Participant Center 

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information. At the top of this page,, click "Login". This is your Participant Center - your fundraising portal. Take a tour! 



Start a Fundraiser

Register to create your personalized fundraising page today!

There is no registration fee or fundraising minimum. We encourage each participant to set minimum fundraising goal of a $250 and $1,000 goal for teams to help as many people feed themselves and their families.

There are three special Participant Badges, you can light up - Team Captain, Team Member, & The Commonwealth. 

If you register as an individual, but later want to form a team, just contact us at and we'll set up your team! 

 Participant Badges 2021


The Commonwealth is a special fundraising program where teams represent an organization working alongside Project Bread to combat food insecurity in Massachusetts. These teams are eligible to retain 60% of their fundraising for their own programs, while the other 40% supports our state-wide effort. Learn more about The Commonwealth. 



Set up for success

Now that you are registered, login and explore your Participant Center.

Start by personalizing the text and image on your fundraising page. Explore the pre-written email templates to ask for donations, recruit team members, and thank your donors. And see donation information, all from your unique participant center.

Ready to earn your first three achievement badges?! Complete these three simple steps to set up for success and get your fundraising thermometer moving toward your goal! 


Set up for Success.png 


1. Donate to your own fundraiser 

Be your own first donation! When your friends and family see that you've donated to yourself, they'll see how much you care about helping hungry families, and want to help too. 

2. Connect your fundraiser to Facebook  * If you only do one thing, DO THIS! *

This is one of the most helpful tools for reaching your fundraising goal. In our participant center is a big blue box that says "Connect Fundraiser to Facebook." 

Click that button and follow those steps, it will automatically create a Facebook Fundraiser that is tied to your fundraiser for The Walk for Hunger. Donations made to your Facebook fundraiser will show up in your thermometer and participant center. 

All the time we hear from participants that they received donations from Facebook Friends they never would have thought of asking. Its always fun when you get the unexpected chance to reconnect to people, all because they made a gift to support your cause! 

Troubleshooting: If you’ve created a Facebook fundraiser first, before you registered for The Walk for Hunger on our website, please reach out to as those donations will not be linked, we can help make sure those gifts are reflected on your page!

3. Send emails to your friends and family

You can send emails directly from your participant center! We have pre-written emails in there to make asking for donations, recruiting team members, or thanking donors as simple as possible. 

** To protect your information and keep your fundraising efforts out of your contacts’ spam folders, the fundraising software that we use for The Walk for Hunger updated the requirements for fundraisers to utilize the email feature in your Participant Center. 

To unlock your email tool in your Participant Center, you must have atleast $5 donated to your fundraiser. You can donate to your own fundraiser, or receive a donation from someone else.


Donations can be made directly on your personal fundraising page - share your "Personal Page URL" that you can find in your participant center, or people can search your name to find your fundraising page.


Get Results


With your fundraiser connected to Facebook, your first round of emails sent, and you've gotten your first donation to yourself, your all set up to earn your first three fundraising milestone badges - $50, $100, $250 raised. 


Reach Heart & Sole

 When you personally fundraise $500 for The Walk for Hunger, you become a member of our Heart & Sole Circle! And when you raise $1,500, you level up to our Heart & Sole Leadership Circle. 

Heart & Sole

Heart & Solers receive special recognition, personalized fundraising support and 2023 tee shirt for The Walk for Hunger with Heart & Sole recognition on it. 


Go big for families facing hunger

Go Big 

These are the final fundraising milestone badges we have this year! Raise $5,000 and $10,000 and you'll be in the club with our tippy top fundraisers! Light these up and you'll have gone huge for hungry kids and families. 



 Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 10.17.50 AM.png


Social Media Toolkit

 Support my fundraiser   Instagram 2023 Walk

We've created images for you to share on Instagram and Facebook/Twitter to ask for donations, recruit team members, and help raise the issue of hunger in Massachusetts! 


Fundraising Ideas

Download these flyers for Corporate Teams, School Teams, and Individual Fundraisers to get your creative juices flowing! 

Fundraising Challenges

Not sure how to fundraise without physically challenging yourself? Here are a few fun strategies for Walkers and Runners to get active and raise much needed funds for hunger relief:

1. Steps Challenge

Got a fit bit? An apple watch? Maybe an old school pedometer? You can track your steps! Set a steps goal for yourself. This can be daily (for maximum accountability), weekly, or use May 7 (The Walk for Hunger event date) as your finish line.

Update your personal fundraising page to share the Challenge goal you have set.

Share your fundraising page with your Challenge updates and progress with your network and reach your fundraising goal!

2. Out Pace Challenge

This one's for our Runners out there! Set a mile pace goal for yourself. This could be a perfect time to pick up some speed. Set a mile pace goal for yourself. Or a time goal for completing a 5K Run on May 7 (The Walk for Hunger event date).

Update your personal fundraising page to share the Challenge goal you have set.

Share your fundraising page with your Challenge updates and progress with your network and reach your fundraising goal!

3. Let's do Lunch Challenge

This one is perfect for TEAMS! Set a lunch date goal and have a standing video meeting lunch date where you do a series of exercises together that suits you! You can choose to focus on areas such as flexibility, strength, aerobics, endurance, etc. during your challenge. It only needs to be 10 minutes, but it's nice to say hello and stay active with each other. 

Remember to evaluate the space you will be using, stretch before and after workouts, and hydrate well!

Update your personal fundraising page to share the Challenge goal you have set. 

Share your fundraising page with your Challenge updates and progress with your network and reach your fundraising goal! 



Fundraising Tips

Collecting donations offline? Print out this offline donation pledge sheet.

Asking for donations

  • Start off with quick asks through email and Facebook (or other social media). Make a list of all of your potential donors and have "ask days" where you share about the important work the Walk for Hunger supports and your involvement this year. Remember to always include a link to your fundraising page so your donors can easily make a donation to support you. 
  • Ask often! On average, it takes six reminders for someone to take action. Often your friends and family intend to donate, but simply forget in their busy schedules!
  • Take advantage of the fundraising resources in your Participant Center as well as below. You will find sample email templates, sample social media posts, business card templates, and much more. 
  • Thank your donors! This one is important. Saying thanks goes a long way, especially if you fundraise year after year, people will be more likely to keep supporting you and feel great about donating to a cause you care about.

Sending in donations

  • Send in donations as you continue to fundraise. Print out these Tally Cards and be sure to include one with the envelope containing any checks and cash you are mailing in to Project Bread so we can correctly credit them to you.

    • Remember to login to your Participant Center to enter any cash and check gifts (offline donations) to update your fundraising total.


    • Your donors should make checks payable to the "Project Bread." You can mail checks directly to our office. Don't forget to include your name (for a donation to you) or your team name (for a donation to your team) in the memo line so we can correctly credit the donation. 


Mail checks to:
Project Bread
145 Border Street
East Boston, MA 02128