Holiday Fundraisers Toolkit 

1. Create your fundraising page
2. Make the first donation
  • Show your committment to supporting Project Bread by making the first donation to your fundraiser. You can do this on your fundraising page, just like a friend or family member would.  
3. Connect your fundraiser to Facebook 
  • This is done in your Participant Center. 
  • Login to your Participant Center, and click "Connect to Facebook" in the blue Facebook box. Follow the steps. 
  • Doing this creates a Facebook Fundraiser on your Facebook Account that is linked to your Project Bread Holiday Fundraiser. 
  • If someone donates to your Facebook Fundraiser, their donation will show up on your Project Bread Holiday Fundraising Page, count toward your fundraising goal, and the donor will show up your donor list in your Participant Center. 
Troubleshooting: If you’ve created a Facebook fundraiser first, before you registered on the Project Bread website and created a Holiday Fundraiser, please reach out to as those donations will not be linked. We can help make sure those gifts are reflected on your page!

4. Share your Fundraiser
  • Use the pre-written email templates in your Participant Center (under the email tab). 
  • Reshare your Facebook Fundraiser (made using the directions above) often. State how close you are to your goal. The closer you are to your goal, the more likely people will give. And raise your goal when you reach it to help as many people as possible!

Social Media Toolkit

  • Graphics and copy to post on your social channels to help you reach your fundraising goal. View Social Toolkit 

Follow these Tips

  • Ask. Ask. Ask Again. Most people need to be asked 3 times - or see your fundraiser 3 times - before they donate. The closer you are to your goal, the more inclined people are to get you across the finish line. 
  • Thank your donors. This one is super important. Don't skip it. If you are fundraising on social, thank your donors between sharing your fundraiser to break up the asks.
  • Make it personal. Your friends and family are most likely to donate to your fundraiser because they want to support you and a cause you care about. So share why you chose to fundraise for Project Bread and the difference it will make. 


Creative Fundraising Ideas

  • Holiday gifts: ask friends and families to make donations in lieu of holiday gifts. Make a gift to your own fundraiser to kick things off!
  • Teambuilding: start a team fundraiser with your friends - faith community - company - you name it! Make it a competition and create more than one team with your group and see who can raise more! 

  • Get crafty: Do you sew? Bake? Are you an artist? Leverage your talents to raise funds, like @kit.kat.yarn.crafts who "sold" her crocheted seasonal softies to benefit Project Bread. 
 instagram craft.png 

Thank you so much for helping families facing food insecurity this holiday season and for supporting Project Bread. 


Need Help? Please reach out to Matt at who is ready to support in you reaching your fundraising goal!

Are you a corporate team interested in finding out more about ways to fight hunger? Please reach out to Alanna at to find out more.