Q. What will the funds raised be used for?

Your holiday fundraiser to benefit Project Bread will connect people and communities in Massachusetts with reliable sources of food and advocate for policies that make food more accessible. Your fundraising drives our programmatic and policy solutions that:


  • Prevent hunger in the first place.
  • Permanently remove barriers to food access so no one will worry about food.
  • Support a person or family’s ability to easily access food with dignity.

Q. Is there a registration fee to start a fundraiser?

There is no registration fee to start a holiday fundraiser with Project Bread.

Q. How do I start a personal fundraiser?

  • Create a personal fundraiser here.
  • You will be asked to supply the information for your registration and will be prompted through the creation of your shareable fundraiser.
  • After registration, you will be directed to your Participant Center. You will be able to edit and personalize your page, access email templates, and copy the url to share your fundraising page.

Q. How do I start a group fundraiser?

  • Start a team or group fundraiser here and choose to “create a team page.”
  • You will be asked to supply the information for your registration and will be prompted through the creation of your shareable fundraiser.
  • After registration you will be directed to your Personal Participant Center. You will be able to edit your page, access email templates and copy the url to share your team - or peronsal - fundraising page.

Q. How do I edit my personal page?

  • Click the "login" button at the top of the page to login to your participant center and enter your username and password. Then click the "Participant Center" button that appears at the top of the page. Once you are in your Participant Center, scroll down to the area that says "Personal Page" and click "Personal Page URL." 
  • You can update the text and image in your Personal Page directly in the page. 
  • In your Participant Center, you can also click "URL Settings" in your Personal Page section to create a shorter url to easily share your fundraiser! 
  • Login to your Participant Center and scroll down. You will have a tab that says "Me" and a tab that says, "Team" that you can toggle between your pages and personalize. If you are a team leader, you can update your Team Page as well as your Personal Page.


Q. I don’t know my username or password. How can I find them?

Click the “forgot username or password” link to have a username or password reset link sent to your email. If problems persist please reach out to info@projectbread.org for support.

Q. How do I collect donations?

Please visit our toolkit for fundraising ideas!

Q. What do I do if someone gives me a check or cash donation?

We encourage fundraisers to collect all of your donations online via your fundraiser (as this reduces processing time and costs). If necessary, donations collected in the form of checks can be mailed to 145 Border St, East Boston, 02128. Please include a note indicating the specific fundraiser for which the donation is intended.

Q. Can I raise money with a Facebook Fundraiser and have it reflect in my Project Bread holiday fundraiser total?

Yes! If you are a social media user, we encourage you to start a Facebook fundraiser BY CONNECTING your Project Bread Fundraiser to Facebook in your Participant Center. Here is how you do it: 

You should register and create a fundraiser on Project Bread’s website first, then login to your Participant Center. In your Participant Center you will see a blue box that says "Connect a Facebook fundraiser." Follow the steps. This will create a Facebook Fundraiser that will show up on your Facebook Feed - BUT - all the donations you get to your Facebook fundraiser will display on your Project Bread Holiday Fundraiser Page, reflect in your total raised, and the donors will show up in your Participant Center

Q. Why aren the donations to my Facebook fundraiser not showing up on my personal page?

They often take a "few minutes" to display on your personal fundraiser. If they don't show up in an hour or so, please reach out to info@projectbread.org and we can help match your Facebook fundraiser with your Personal Page!

Q. I am a Heart & Sole Walker. Can I use my holiday fundraiser for Project Bread to start my fundraising for the 2023 Walk for Hunger?

No. This is a seasonal fundraiser and fundraising totals are not able to be combined with future fundraising totals for The Walk for Hunger. Registration for The Walk for Hunger will open in February 2023.


Need Help? Please reach out to Matt at Matthew_Delson@projectbread.org who is ready to support you to reach your fundraising goal!

Are you a corporate team interested in finding out more about ways to fight hunger? Please reach out to Alanna at Alanna_Woodlock@projectbread.org to find out more.