The Commonwealth


The Commonwealth is a fundraising share program that invites Project Bread's anti-hunger partners to leverage The Walk for Hunger to directly raise funds for their own anti-hunger programs!

Massachusetts-based organizations and programs making healthy food more accessible and/or affordable to low-income residents are invited to participate in The Commonwealth. 

By forming a single team for The Walk for Hunger to represent your organization or program, teams participating in The Commonwealth will retain 60% of the funds raised by their team, with the remaining 40% of funds raised applied to statewide solutions.

Organizations wishing to participate must first submit the enrollment form so Project Bread can verify your eligiblity prior to forming a team. 

Download the social media toolkit for The Commonwealth to help you recruit and fundraise! 


Massachusetts-based organizations and programs making healthy food more accessible and/or affordable to low-income residents are invited to participate in The Commonwealth. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Food pantries
  • Meal programs
  • Free meal programs for kids 
  • School-based food pantries
  • Backpack programs
  • School gardens
  • Multi-service center's food resource programs
  • Food rescue
  • Farm & garden programs

Funds should be used by anti-hunger efforts only. This can include general operating for anti-hunger programs. Eligible use of funds: schools, health centers, etc... raising money for:

  • On-site food pantries
  • Micro-pantries
  • Backpack programs
  • School gardens
  • School meals equipment
  • Summer Eats equipment
  • Double-bucks programs at farmers markets, corner stores, etc. 

Funding exemptions: Nutrition education and federally-reimbursable food costs.


All organizations wishing to join The Commonwealth in 2021 must complete the enrollment form and be approved. 

1. Submit the eligibility form, hosted on Project Bread's grant making portal

  • If you have never created an account before, you will need to before accessing the form. 

2. Project Bread will review your form to verify your eligibility. Once accepted, you will be sent a  "Welcome to The Commonwealth" email, with instructions on how to form your Team to represent your organization for The Walk for Hunger.

3. Once you have formed your Team, Project Bread will add "The Commonwealth" Badge to your Team's Fundraising Page to show you are participating.

3. Teams must reach a fundraising threshold of $500 to be eligible for the 60/40 split. Your team must reach this threshold by June 30, 2021. If you do not, what you have raised will support the statewide effort. If you reach this threshold, all the funds you raise by June 30, 2021 will be eligible for the split (including the first $500). 

4. All donations must be received by Project Bread, by June 30, 2021. Donations received after this date will support the statewide effort and will not be eligible for the 60/40 split.

  • Please be mindful of this date if you are mailing in donations to Project Bread. The amount of time it has taken to get mail has been slower during the pandemic.  
  • Please write the name of the fundraiser and your team name in the memo line so it is correctly credited to your team member and counts towards your team fundraising total! 

5. Funds eligible for the 60/40 split will be released to their organizations by September 30, 2021. 


If you have questions or are in need of support, please contact Kellie Vehlies at or 617-239-2548. We are here to help!