2022 Walk for Hunger

The Walk for Hunger | May 1, 2022 | Est. 1969
The Walk for Hunger | May 1, 2022 | Est. 1969

CB Walkers

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe we are still in the midst of this pandemic! True, things are changing, infection rates are down, masks are coming off and vaccination rates continue to climb (although probably not as significantly as we had hoped). One thing that has NOT changed is the needed support for those who are facing real hunger every day. Yes, in spite of being one of the richest countries, the hungry among us is staggering. We are so fortunate to be a position to help alleviate this situation for many.


The Boston Walk for Hunger is in its 54th year. The numbers of folks who walk, the numbers of individuals, businesses, corporations and programs who support the walk with their financial resources is truly amazing, encouraging and inspiring. The Walk will again be virtual. Although many of us will again miss the magic and energy of the “in person” walk, many of us have tapped into or creativity and determination to make this cause successful. Many of us also have come to appreciate the flexibility of a virtual walk. It has engaged many new walkers and generated more $ with fewer expenditures for police, portable restrooms, buses etc. that are so key in the smooth running/walking of this event. Those are big WINS!


Last year, the Walk raised over $1.1 million with 1,500 participants. Cynthia and Betsy raised $20,000! This year Cynthia and Betsy (fondly known to many as the CB Walkers) are looking forward to May 1st as we again step out and step up to the challenge of ending hunger.


Over the years, you have joined us as we walked, supported us with your donations and cheered us on every step we have taken! The number of our contributors to CBWalkers continues to expand. We are so grateful, pleased and proud for what we have all achieved together!


Check out Cynthia LaMothe’s personal page (http://support.projectbread.org/goto/clamothe) as well as Betsy Swaim’s (http://support.projectbread.org/goto/betsyswaim) to learn more about why WE walk 20 miles every year, and LOVE doing it!

And if you need one more reason consider this: “Project Bread estimates 1 in 5 households with children across the Commonwealth are facing hunger right now”.

If you prefer to donate by writing a check, please make it payable to Project Bread. 

Mail to: Betsy Swaim

28 Central Street

Concord, MA 01742

One more invitation!! If you would like to walk with us (again, or for the first time) let us know. We will be breaking the 20 miles up into shorter treks over several days. You can walk any or all. Routes are yet to be mapped out, but we will be in touch with those who are interested.

Thank you in advance!

Cynthia and Betsy



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