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2019 Walk for Hunger

Team Advent


What an incredible day, what an incredible walk, and thank the Lord, without rain ! Team Advent was undaunted, and we hit the streets at 9am for the 51st Walk for Hunger. This year, the Briggs Kiernan Family, Robert Braman, Tyson Miller and Lorraine Henderson completed the 20 miles, Nola Sheffer and Abigail & Alister Lewis Bowen completed 10 miles  - an all time best ! 

The other great news is we are close to reaching our Team Goal of $10K .  Surprisingly, almost 50 % of donations so far have come from friends and family outside of our Advent family. Our small team of walkers have worked hard rallying donations but now need our Advent Family to support us for the final push ! It will make our sore legs and feet all the more worthwhile when we reach the $10K goal. 

Thank you to all our parishioners who have already donated ... to those who have not, please consider a small but important donation now !   

Your donations to Project Bread's mission and our Community Dinners will always be why we do the Walk. We talked about this mission and how important it is as we walked.  

Thank you all so much for your support,

The Briggs - Kiernan Family, Rob Braman,  Lorraine Henderson & Tyson Miller, Nola Sheffer, The Lewis Bowens and the Farnan Murphy Family. 


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Fundraising Honor Roll

Andra and Paul Mattaliano
Audra Soni
Berry Family
Bette Boughton
Carolyn, Jason and Selma Lewis
Corey Kumin
Dan and Rose and Family
Dan,Rose, and family
Daphne B. Noyes
David Hoffman and Leslie Warner
David Lapin
Ed and Kate Cahill
Ella Babka
Facebook Fundraiser
Facebook Fundraiser
Father Truman Welch
Fiona and Family
Francesco Piscitelli & Judy Bell
Frederick Ou
Heath MacLetchie
Helen Lisenring
Ivan the Great!
Jane Saks
Janet Sheehan
Jay and Betsy James
Jayne Mclaughlin
Jim Salem
Jim Snyder-Grant
John MacLetchie
Julianne Ture
Kara Rodgers Marshall
Kathleen Mooney-Cahill
Kathy and Jeremy Bruns
Kavanaugh Family
Koury Family
Lianne Goodwin
Linsey Hurley
Maddie Brown
Maia Soni
Margaret Liversidge
Margaret Sheffer
Miss Magdalena Eggert
Monica and Bill + The Truettner Family
Mr. Andrew Hankinson
Mr. Bruce Kiernan
Mr. Donald John Hatfield , Ph.D.
Mr. Frank Olney
Mr. John Boyd
Mr. Nicki Evans
Mr. Peter Eric Madsen
Mr. Richard Briggs
Mr. Thomas Sopko
Mr. William Joyner
Mrs. Annlinnea Terranova
Ms. Barbara L. Boles
Ms. Cheryl Dwyer
Ms. Deborah Collier
Ms. Ellie Kiernan
Ms. Emma Kiernan
Ms. Jacqueline E. Martindale
Ms. Marcia Lewin-Berlin
Ms. Suzi Briggs
Nancy Kolb
Nathan Mainey
Nelson family
Ransom Richardson
Roberts family
Roger and Lisa Krakoff
Ross Wood & Steve Sayers
Susan Jick
Susie and Paul
The Gurnon Family
The Gurnons
The Murphy Family
The Sullivans
The Taffe Family
Tim Cook
Tom & Carolyn McDermott
Tom & Carolyn McDermott
Tom & Carolyn McDermott
Tyson Miller
Violet Collier
Ward and Priscilla

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