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2019 Walk for Hunger


On May 5th we will again walk 20 miles in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger.  We are raising money to help prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts.  Your donations will support community-based programs that help people access and afford food.

 Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10. 

Please help us reach our team goal by making a generous donation either to our team or directly to either Betsy or Cynthia.

Together we can make a difference for the people who rely on these programs!  

Thank you!

Betsy Swaim and Cynthia LaMothe

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Allene and Rebecca Kussin
Allene Kussin
Ann and John Fossett
Ann Marie Connolly
Annabelle Kellogg
April & Shuhao
Barbara and David Winstanley
Barbara and Rich Fivek
Barbara B Feehrer
Barrett Ladd
Betsy Spaulding
Brad and Patty
Candy and Steve Carr
Carol and George Ladd
Carolyn and Ray Andrews
Cathy and John Tilney
Chandler Woodland
Charles Swaim
Chip and Debby Dewing
Christopher Lindop
Claire Wilcox
Connie and Buddy Bates
Cornelia Greaves
Craig Leckband
Cynthia & Matt
Cynthia Deysher
David Winstanley
Deb and Jeff
Douglas & Jo Powell
Elaine Bonoma
Elaine Bonoma
Elizabeth Spaulding
Faye and Peter Speert
Francis X Van Houten MD
G. Casner
Gail and Robert Howrigan
Geoffrey Gee and Kimerer LaMothe
George, Jennifer, Kaitie, Ian & Robert
Gloria Benedict
h pompe van meerdervoort
Jack and Cynthia LaMothe
Jack and Di Clymer
Jay Gregory
Jean and Murray Swindell
Jeannette Taylor
Jill and Ned Benedict
JJ and Steve
Joanne and Chuck Gibson
John & Leah
Jon & Peggy Richardson
Judy and Bob Krumme
Judy and Robert Anderson
Laura and Chris Lindop
Lawrie Okurowski
Linda and Whit Painter
Loretta Filipov
Louise Johnson
Martha and Len Seale
Mary and Wade Staniar
Merideth DeLamarter
Mr. Jan Tore Hall
Mrs. Alison Small
Mrs. Nancy Robb
Mrs. Sally Jo Walther
Ms. Betsy M. Swaim
Ms. Lynn F. Muller
Ms. Phyllis Supple
Ms. Susan Eckel and Family
Murray Swindell
Nick & Ann Noyes
Otto Judicke
Pam and Alan Henrikson
Pam and Ara Gechijian
Pam and Colin Pease
Pamela Henrikson
Pat and Bill Baron
Pat B
Peter Speert
Rebecca Purcell
Rick and Weezie
Sally Ayres
Sibyl Cohane
Sibyl Cohane
Stew and Carolyn Richmond
Susan Hurley
Susan Kluge
Susan Kluge
Susan M. Halby
Suzanne Gwinner
Suzy Gwinner
The Diercks
The Robitailles
Thomas Piper
Tom and Ruth Piper
Tom Swaim
Whitfield Painter
William and Ann Marie Gruber

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