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2019 Walk for Hunger

People HelpIng People

Help prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts!

Our team People Helping People is participating in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 5 and we are asking for donations to support community-based programs across MA that help people access and afford food.

Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10. 

Please help us reach our team goal by making a generous donation either to our team or directly to one of our team members (it will count toward their personal fundraising goal and our team's!)

You are making a difference for the people who rely on these programs! 60% of the funds raised by our team will go directly to Burlington Food pantry.

Thank you! PHP Team 




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Fundraising Honor Roll

Ann McGrath
Burlington Presbyterian Church fundraiser
Cheryl Barnes
Chris and Jess Newhall
christie ventura
christie ventura
Coelynn McIninch
Dr. Jane K. McIninch , Ph.D.
Elizabeth Eastland
Elizabeth Kapralski
Facebook Fundraiser
Jamie Eastland
Kathryn Krieg
Miss Susan Eastland
Mr. Marc Patacchiola
Mr. Nicholas and Colette Toronto
Mrs. Christine Ventura
Mrs. Mildred P. Wiegand
Mrs. Nancy E. Pondelli
Ms. Goss Family and Family
Ms. Lauren Mattson
Ms. Linda E. Roscoe
Susan & Donna Hoyt
Taylor Johnson & Chris Dolen
The Stover clan
Valentina Kalatcheva

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