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2019 Walk for Hunger

Trinity Church Boston

Help prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts!

Our team is participating in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 5 and we are asking for donations to support community-based programs across MA that help people access and afford food.

Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10. 

Please help us reach our team goal by making a generous donation either to our team or directly to one our team members (it will count toward their personal funraising goal and our team's!)

You are making a difference for the people who rely on these programs!

Thank you!

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Allen Cohen
Amy B
Anne Grace
Anne Van Nostrand
Anonymous Anonymous
anonymous anonymous
Bob and Jackie
Bob and Mary Murphy
Bob Haas
Brian & Paula Collins
Brian Collins
Candace & Steve Johns
Cary and Julie Hagan
Catherine Jacobs
Colin & Lee
Donna Fairbanks
Dorothy and David
Dr. Leah Kelly
Dr. Sarah E. Keates
Elizabeth Case
Ellie Lynn, Aunt Becky & Uncle Sam
Elliott Family
Elliott's in Bakersfield
Evelynne Swagerty
Evelynne Swagerty
Facebook Fundraiser
Gail and John
George & Judi
Go, Fialae!! So proud of you all!
Grandma & Grandpa
Grandma Jan in memory of Granddad
Great Grandmother & Great GrandDad
Greg Lambrecht
Helen Netos
Hillary, Devon & Tipton Bush
In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson
Jan Allen in memory of Dave Allen
Jan Meredith
Joan Hadly
John & Ellen
John Merriam
John Merriam
JPand Raina
Judith Hurley
Karen Sturges
Karen Sturges
Ken and Jean Zaniewski
Lee & Colin
Leon Litchfield
Linda Curreri
Linda Zindler
Maggie May
Mama in memory of Dad
Mark & Lauren Hartman
Mary & John Gier
Mary and John
Michaela Johansen
Michelle, Jeff, and Rosie
Mimi Ross
Miriam Ross
Miss Deborah Merriam
Mr. Christopher A. Cassa , Ph.D.
Mr. Francis Sheehy
Mr. Jacob Einhorn
Mrs. Genifer Toland
Mrs. Genifer Toland
Ms. Barbara A. Savacool
Ms. Cathy Pacitto
Ms. Cathy Pacitto
Ms. Katherine T. Hughes
Ms. Mary Holmes
Ms. Mary Oneill
Ms. Sue Dickinson
Pastor John & Miss Suzanna
Paul and Patty Nestor
Peggy Patel
Phyllis Brooks
Probst Family
Rebecca and Weldon Pries
Richard & Shirley
Rory and Desi
Sarah Hayes-Skelton
Scott McIntyre
sharon marshall
Stephen Hendrickson
Stephen Hendrickson
The Loopy Lady
The People of Trinity Church
Tom & Mariluz
Tom Hulme
Uncle Bob
Veronica Wiseman

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