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2019 Walk for Hunger

The Paulist Center: Home of Wed. Night Supper Club

Help prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts!

Our team is participating in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 5 and we are asking for donations to support community-based programs across MA that help people access and afford food.

Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10. 

Please help us reach our team goal by making a generous donation either to our team or directly to one our team members (it will count toward their personal funraising goal and our team's!)

You are making a difference for the people who rely on these programs!

Thank you!

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Alan and Elizabeth Kopin
Aleta & Matt
Alexander and Barbara Waugh
Alicia & Darryl Sargent
Anne And Donald Conti
Barbara Goddeau
Barbara Goddeau
Bob Berardino
Bob Paine
Bud & Peg Ris
Christian and Nico and family
Daniel Leclerc
Diane and Tom Esselman
Dr. Edward A. Hattauer , Ph.D.
Dr. Edward Leung
Duncan Macrae
Eleanor Sullivan
Electronic Arts Outreach
Elinor Quill
Emmet H. O'Bryan
Gregory Nash
Jackie Hewitt
Jane and Will Porter
Jay Sampson
Jeanine Mount
Jeff Letendre
Jim & Colette Steinmeier
Jim and Kate Stewart
Jim Ray
Joan LeBel
Joe, Alex, and Gwen Goessling
Judy McCarthy
Kathy & Carl Schoene
Kathy Kelly
Kenyon Grogan
Kerry Cronin
Leah Okimoto and Daniel Schneider
Maggie and Joe Nolan
Maggie Keefe
Marisela & Andy
Marissa & Jesse
Mark Mancuso
Martha & Bob
Marty Corry
Mary Jo Gonzales
Mary Skinner
Matthew Ladner
Michael Gilligan
Mike & Jean Pennell
Mitch Rosenberg
Monica Deluca
Mr. John & Marylou T. Domino
Mr. John B. Kenney
Mr. Jonathan Slawsby
Mr. Jordan Hegedus
Mr. Konstantinos Ligris
Mr. William C. Wood II
Mrs. Jacqueline S Rafferty and Family
Mrs. Niru Yadav
Ms. Barbara J. Goddeau
Ms. Elaine D. Sullivan
Ms. Janet Cornell
Ms. Stephanie Losi
Ms. Victoria Neeson
Nancy and John
Pat & Joan Byrne
Pat and Dave Whalen
Pat and Joan Byrne
Patricia Sykora
Peter and Amy Marandino
Peter M. Ghiloni
Peter Sturges
Pierre Trepagnier
Robert English
Roby's Propane Gas, Inc.
Sandra Grey
Steve Greenzang
Susan and Kimberly Santos
Susan Buta
Susan Leclair and James Griffith
Susan Stewart
Suzanne Sampson
The Kam Family
The Lynch Family
Vlasic Family
Wolfe Family
Wong Yin Han

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