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2019 Walk for Hunger

2018 Carter Memorial UMC Team
2018 Carter Memorial UMC Team


Help us raise money to prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts!

Our team is proud to be participating in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger & 5K Run on Sunday, May 5, and we are asking for donations to support community-based programs across MA that help people access and afford food.

The Walk for Hunger has long been a rallying cry for the people of Massachusetts to come together and support their neighbors. Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10.

The money raised by Walk participants like us will provide grants to hundreds of community-based programs that rely on this support—food pantries, hot meal programs, summer meals for kids, farm and garden initiatives, health center programs and more. Last year, the Walk supported 315 local programs in nearly 100 MA communities.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a generous donation—whether it's $25, $75 or whatever you are able to afford. Just click on the green button with our team name on the top right of this page.

You are making a difference for the people who rely on these programs and moving us one step closer to an equitable society where everyone has access to the most basic of human needs—food.

Thank you!

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Abigail Hays
AL and UJ
Alli & Joe Cocuzzo
Andi K
Andrew Yates
Anne Button
Anne Westman
Aunt Lucy and Uncle John
Auntie BooBoo
Barb Suapaia
Barbara and Carlos Cevallos
Betsy Merritt
Big Brother
Bunny Boo
Caggiano Family
Cali and Carson
Carter Missions Team
David & Doreen
Donna B
Dorothy Weiburg
Harry Sun
Hawkeye Farm Mgmt & Real Estate
Howell family
Jane Thompson
Jim Bird
Josh & Karen French
Lauren & Brandon Wong
Laurie J. macdonald
Lu Welch
Lynn Basilio
Marjorie Lane
Mary Grace & David Summergrad
Mary M Werness
MN Friend
Mom and Dad
mom and dad
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
Morrie & Anita
Mr. Christopher Hunt
Mr. Donald Henrich
Mr. Frank Klemovitch
Mr. Gregory Turner , Esquire
Mr. John Ashbaugh
Mr. John Okeefe
Mr. Tim McCleary
Mrs. Barbara Wiegand
Mrs. Danielle Lopiccolo
Mrs. Janice Tobin
Mrs. Rita Jones
Ms. Abigail Hays
Ms. Cynthia E. Johnson
Ms. Denise Ash
Ms. Jennifer Lopiccolo
Ms. Kate Owens
Ms. Kathleen M. Dugan
Ms. Myev Bodenhofer
Ms. Pippa Whiteley
Ms. Pippa Whiteley
Ms. Sarah Button
Nana and Deda
Paula Johnson
Peter and Carol
Rev. Gary Shaw
Riedell Family
Riley LoPiccolo
Rita Jones
Rob Peters
Robert Peters
Roger Nunn
Sara & Irving
Sheira Greenwald
Steensma family
The Lotz Family
The Rowe Family
The Sickmier Family
Tom and Cathy Taylor
Vipul Singh
Vivian LoPiccolo
Wayne Fridlund
Wysocki Family
Your mother

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