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2018 Walk for Hunger

Team Advent from 2017
Team Advent from 2017

Team Advent

Countdown for donations for the Walk for Hunger is on !! We have a good team of walkers who will represent Church of the Advent and we are eager to achieve our goal of $10K !!

If it's not too late, please consider joining Fr. Warren and many fellow Advent Parishioners on Sunday May 7th. This will be the Church of the Advent's 15th Walk for Hunger and most importantly, Fr. Warren’s last Walk! He has be part of this great tradition, bravely walking many miles over these last 15 years, so, if you haven’t considered this before, please do this year!

Project Bread’s financial grant supports The Church of the Advent's Tuesday Community Dinners which is a vital part of the Advent's community outreach program.

Please consider joining us by registering as a walker or by supporting Team Advent with a donation. Our fundraising goal is $10,000

Many thanks for your consideration and generosity on behalf of Fr. Warren and Team Advent,

The Briggs Kiernan Family, Bruce + Suzi, Ellie + Emma (Team Advent Captains! )

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Arlene Johnson
Audra and the Soni Family
Barbara Boles
Barbara Pitney
Bette Boughton
Carol Owers
Carole Mullarkey
Carolyn & Tom McDermott
Carolyn & Tom McDermott
Carolyn S. Walden
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Church of the Advent
Corey Kumin
David Lapin
Donald John Hatfield
Ellen Brockman
Erlinda Aparece
Fran Piscitelli & Judy Bell
Frank Olney
Frederick Ou
Gabby & Luca Kaluski
Gabby and Luca Guadagno Kaluski
Granny Briggs !
Harold Langell
James Wood
Jessica Lee
John and Betsey Boyd
Jonathan and Suzanne
Joseph Chapman
Karen Megan Millarez
Kathleen Mooney-Cahill
Kathy Minicozzi
Kendall P Watts
Koury Family
Lewis-Bowen Family
Lori Farnan
M Denslow
Maddie and the Brown Family
Maia and the Soni Family
Maija Alksnitis
Mark Aparece
Matthew and Claire Commons
Matthew Nickerson
Matthew Pasts
Max Palkowitz
Michelle Wright
Miss Katherine Lounsbury
Miss Saraswathi Sista
Mr. Anselm Snodgrass
Mr. Richard and Naomi Briggs
Mr. William Joyner
Mr. William Joyner
Mrs. Abigail A Lewis-Bowen
Ms. Deborah Gemma
Ms. Kara A. Rodgers
Ms. Kara A. Rodgers
Ms. Maryellen Collins
Nancy Macmillan
Natali Chavez
Nicki and Mike
Raquel Millarez
Razmic Gregorian
Rev. Allan B. Warren III
Rev. Allan Warren , 3rd
Rev. Daphne B Noyes
Rev. Daphne B Noyes
Rev. Daphne B Noyes
Roberts Family
Ross Wood & Steve Sayers
Sadie & the Lopez Family
Selma Lewis
Stephen Kies & Jonathan P Maldonado
Ta-Chung Ong
Terranova Family
The Baldwins
The Briggs Kiernan Family
The Dwyer Family
The Gurnon's
The Joseph J. and Rachel W. Ringenberg Family Fund
Violet Collier

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