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2018 Walk for Hunger

Trinity Church in the City of Boston

Approximately 726,000 Massachusetts residents don't always have enough food to eat. 

We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food. That’s why we're not waiting for change – we're walking for it.

On Sunday, May 6, our team will be joining Project Bread in the 50th Walk for Hunger & 5K Run to take on 20 miles and raise money to end hunger in Massachusetts!

We can't do this alone – we need your support. Last year, money raised through the Walk supported 263 local programs in nearly 100 communities across the state, including food pantries, meal programs, local farms, urban gardens and early childhood and school nutrition programs. These programs address hunger on both the individual and systemic level.

Please help us reach our team's fundraising goal by donating to our Walk page! Just click on the green button with our team name on the top right of this page.

We must all do our part to take care of our community. Please consider making as generous a donation as you are able – whether it's $50, $75, $100 or more.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Allen Cohen
Angela Small
Anonymous Anonymous
Bernie Goldman & David Gaynor
Bob and Mary
Carol McKenna
Chad and Trina
Charles Medler
Check Donation
Check Donation
Chris Cassa
Christopher Atwood
Colin & Lee
Diane Wood
Donna J. Fairbanks
Douglas Rendell
Ebi Okara
Ellen & John Essigmann
Emelie Alexander
Evelynne Cox
Evelynne Swagerty
Gary & Daniel
Grandma & Grandpa Fiala
Gregory Diehl Laurel Wainwright
Hilary Ziven
In honor of Dave Allen
In memory of Granddad
In memory of Granddad
Jane Childs
Janet Dracksdorf
John and Mary Gier
John Merriam
Judy Hyatt
Karen Sturges
Ken & Jean Zaniewski
Lee & Colin
Leon + Kathy
Lily Keung
Linda B. Curreri
Lisa LeBoeuf
Lisa weissmann
Lorna Keith
Lula Kopper
Maggie May
Mariluz Villa
Marilyn Komessar
Mark & Lauren Hartman
Mary Gier
Mary Werler
Matching Gift
Michelle, Jeff, & Rosie
Mika Hsieh
Mom & Dad Fiala
Monsignor Richard M. Hughes
Mrs. Jane C. Coleman
Ms. Cathy Pacitto
Ms. Cathy Pacitto
Ms. Diana F. Govern
Ms. Karen Halvorson
Ms. Mary E. Zocchi
Ms. Mary M. Libby
Ms. Phyllis Brooks
Ms. Rochelle Preskey
Ms. Willow Bryn Piersol
Pam Helmold
Pastor John & Miss Suzanne
Patrick C. Ward
Paul Nestor
Paula and Brian Collins
Peggy Patel
Philip Sheehy
Probst Family
Raina Cosgrove Duran
Ralph Hughes
Rebecca and Weldon Pries
Robert Sandler
Robin Jaye
Sara Barbera
Sharon Marshall
Stephen Hendrickson
Sue Dickinson
Susan and Tom Mann
The People of Trinity Church
The Warren/Lawrence Family
Tina Williams
UMass Boston Class of 2018 Clinical Psychology Graduates
Walk Day Donations
Wiseman Family

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