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2018 Walk for Hunger

Temple Aliyah

Temple Aliyah is proud to be joining Project Bread on Sunday, May 6th for the 50th annual Walk for Hunger.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by joining the Temple Aliyah team or donating to one of the Walkers on their Walk page! Every dollar helps support the approximately 726,000 Massachusetts residents who don't always have enough food to eat, including those served by Family Table, a program of Jewish Family and Children's Services that TA supports.

For the past 49 years, tens of thousands of people have met at the Boston Common to show their unified commitment to ending hunger in Massachusetts, and walked part or all of the 20 mile circuit together. This makes a powerful statement about our shared commitment to helping people in need. A group from Temple Aliyah is planning to gather at the Waban MBTA station at 7:45 to travel together to the Boston Common for the Walk and you are welcome to join us, or meet us at the Boston Common to start the walk at 8:30.


Sign up and reach out to your own friends and family for support and raise money that makes it possible to develop, fund, and facilitate much-needed programs—programs that interrupt the cycle of food insecurity in our communities, and programs that provide hope for:

• The parents who skip dinner at night so their kids can eat…

• The neighbors who go to the food pantry in the next town over to not be recognized…

• The kids who only eat one meal a day: the lunch they get at school…

• The elderly who can afford food or heart medication—but not both…

If you don't wish to sign up then please support one of our Walkers and donate today! The Walk for Hunger was started as a grassroots movement of the people, for the people: this is YOUR Walk too. Either way you are making a real difference in the lives of people across Massachusetts.

Please help us reach our team's fundraising goal by donating to our Walk page! Just click on the green button with our team name on the top right of this page.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Aaron Besser
Amanda Downey
Amy & Irwin Weiss
Averbach-Popkin Family
Barry, Beth, and Elliot
Brian & Deb Stark
Brian & Deb Stark
Charitable Fund
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Cheryl LaFleur
Cindy Arcate
CT Popkins
David Cash
David Ricci
Deb Josephs
Debra J Jackson
Dodie Flash
Dr. Joel Berman
Dr. Sara Reynolds
Evan and Barry
Fair & Yeager Insurance
Fisher Family
Frank and Carol Burt
Franklin and Bonnie Gold
Hal Bryer
Howard and Laurie Hirsh
Jason Harris and Jenna Stark
Jodi & Dan Andereson
john a ullian
John B Howe
John Dickson
Jon and Teri Shipp
Judy Dein & Alan Reisch
Kay Levine
Kim Whelan
Laura McTaggart
Leila and Mark Borowsky
Leslie and Richard Skriloff
Leslie Gordon
Lydia and Brian
Magdaline Caradimitropoulo
Marla Simon
Merle Berman
Michael Barach
Mike and Kerrith
Mitch Tyson
Molin/Hoffenberg Family
Mr. Andrew Besser
Mr. Andrew Young
Mr. Andrew Young
Mr. Dan Allegretti
Mr. Daniel P Matthews
Mr. David Harris
Mr. David Harris
Mr. George Dealy
Mr. Guy Ronen
Mr. Iliyan Padinkov
Mr. Jeffrey Waxman
Ms. Cheryl Dolin
Ms. Donna Prince
Ms. Joyce B Brocker
Ms. Sue Ennis
Ms. Sylvia Dandrata
Nigel, Judith, Stephanie, Robert & Daniel
Paul Patrick Daley Trust
Peter and Vicki Krupp
Peter T Zschokke
Philip & Tamsen
Rob, Kate, Leni Ristagno
Roy First
Ryan Katofsky
Sally and Bob
Scott Griebel
Sean Garren
Sharon & Michael Kahn
Sharon and Evan Gold
Sharon Burke
stanley burrows
Stephen and Lynn Baum
Steve Perry
Steven Watson
Suzy & Jonathan
The Chimes Gang
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Gart
Thomas Tarpey
V&G xx
Wolfman Family

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