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2018 Walk for Hunger

We Have Pierce Pride

Approximately 726,000 Massachusetts residents don't always have enough food to eat. 

We believe everyone deserves access to healthy food. That’s why we're not waiting for change – we're walking for it.

On Sunday, May 6, our team will be joining Project Bread in the 50th Walk for Hunger & 5K Run to take on 20 miles and raise money to end hunger in Massachusetts!

We can't do this alone – we need your support. Last year, money raised through the Walk supported 263 local programs in nearly 100 communities across the state, including food pantries, meal programs, local farms, urban gardens and early childhood and school nutrition programs. These programs address hunger on both the individual and systemic level.

Please help us reach our team's fundraising goal by donating to our Walk page! Just click on the green button with our team name on the top right of this page.

We must all do our part to take care of our community. Please consider making as generous a donation as you are able – whether it's $50, $75, $100 or more.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Alison Godburn
Andrew Smith
Barbara and Jim Allaire
Barbara Bergstein
Bernadette & Jim Harrison
Blair Egerdie
Bob and Lynn
Brenda Cashman
Bryan & Phyllis
Carmen Morales
Carrie Wager
Chaarles Smith
Charlie and Gill
Chris P
Colleen Cashman
dana lazowski
David Granet
Debbie and Jim E-B
Debbie and Nick
Donna Pierce
Dr. Evan Kaiser
Dr. Peter Nigrovic
Dr. Richard Kaplon
Eleanor B
elisabeth heefner
Emily Ellickson-Brown & Max Dunn
Emily Shang
Emily Smith
Erica Kirsners
J.J. Allaire
Jay Leslie & Bodi Luse
Jenny E.
Jerry & Bonnie Brockway
Jerry Bergstein
Jill & Dennis McDaniel
Karen Luse/RJ Harper
Katherine Connors
Katie Grafer
Kelly Stokes
Kurt Rhynhart M.D
Laura Lechner
Lesley Weller
Lise Nigrovic
Marcy & Jeff Kaiser
Mark Juckett
Martin Pettersson
Maureen Hayes
Mia Margaret Hopp
michael Ferry
Mike and Karen
Minal Kapoor
Miss Charlotte Ann Smith
Miss Charlotte Ann Smith
Miss Lona Bishop
Mr. Gregory Fowler
Mr. Murray Edelberg
Mrs. Cathy O'Grady
Mrs. Cher Duffield , M.A.
Mrs. Elisabeth Nigrovic
Mrs. Inez J Leslie
Mrs. Jodi Symes
Ms. Kim J. Manasevit
Ms. Laurence Mialot
Ms. Megan Macgarvie
Nobrega Family
Olga Rogozin
Rob Edelstein
Ruby Manning
Sam & Kha Dickerman
Samantha Dickerman
Samantha Dickerman
Sera Gangadharan
Simon Xi
Sofia Ramon
Steve and Peg
Sue Betcher
Susan & Matt Smith
Susan Walling
The Atallah/Hall Family
the Brady's
The Johnson Family
The Wolfsies
Thomas Clancy
Uncle Michael
Uncle Steve
Victoria Cain
Washburn family
William Kaiser
Your JC family
Zoe Raybould

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