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2017 Walk for Hunger & 5K Run


On May 7th we will again walk twenty miles through Boston, Brookline, Newton, and Cambridge to raise funds for Project Bread. This is Cynthia's 14th walk and Betsy Swaim's 31st!  Why don't you join us? You can walk 20 miles or as much as you would like. Our goal is to raise $10,000.

Please join us in supporting this worthwhile cause. Your support helps so many people and also helps us walk those last tough miles.

This year, more than 300 local programs in more than 100 Massachusetts communities will be supported through money raised by Walkers including: food pantries, meal programs, food rescue, urban agriculture, farm and garden, and critical child nutrition programs. Walk donations support Open Table in Concord and Maynard.

Every dollar helps support the nearly 675,000 food-insecure children and adults in Massachusetts that can’t always predict where their next meal is coming from.

You can support our Walk by clicking on the purple donate button!

Thank you for your support of our walk and of hungry people. Together we CAN make a difference.

Betsy and Cynthia

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Fundraising Honor Roll

Allene Kussin
Amy Bruning
Annabelle kellogg
Barbara Stevens
Becky and Milt
Betsy Spaulding
Betsy Swaim
Bill & Ann Marie
Bill and Peg Hoover
Candy and Steve Carr
Carl and Carol Miller
Carol and Peter Meenan
Cathy & John Tilney
Charity Tremblay
Check Donation
Check Donation
Chip and Debby
Chloe King
Chuck and Joanne Gibson
Chuck Stevenson
Claire Wilcox
Connie and Buddy Bates
Craig Leckband
Cynthia Deysher
Dale and Sally Clutter
David Myers
Diana Clymer
Diane Frost
Dick and Ann Marie Connolly
Donald and Melissa Lang
Elaine Bonoma
Elise Browne
Gay Casner
Helen Bowdoin
Ileana Jones
Jan Tore Hall
Jane and Tom Rupley
Janet Mason
Jean and Murray Swindell
John and Ann Fossett
Jon + Peggy Richardson
Katherine Esty
Kathleen Molony
Kathy and John Flynn
Kit Nichols
LaMothe Gee Family
Laurie & Bill
Lawrie Okurowski
Linda and Whit Painter
Linda Braun
Loretta Filipov
Lynn Muller
Lynne Seif
Marge and Rusty Van Houten
Marie Schiaraffa
Martha and Len Seale
Mary and Wade Staniar
Mary Lou Esposito
Mary Tyler Knowles
Matt Di Battista
Micki and Earl VAn Horn
Mitch and Susan
Ms. Betsy M. Swaim
Nancy and John Huggins
Nick and Ann Noyes
Pam and Alan Henrikson
Pam and Colin
Pat and Bill Barron
Pat B
Posy Dyer
Rev. Robert W. Brown
Rich and Barbara Fivek
Rick and Marilyn Anderson
Rob and Demi Ayres
Sally and Dave Walther
Sarah Hindle
Sibyl Cohane
Sue and Bob Armstrong
Susan Kluge
Suzanne Gwinner
The LaMothes
The Robitailles
The Umscheids
Tom and Ruth
Tom Swaim
Weezie and Rick Johnson
Wenyan Miao

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