The Walk for Hunger

Food Link, Inc Team

Join us in the Walk for Hunger to support food access for people in Massachusetts!


No one should go without a meal, yet Project Bread estimates that 1 in 6 households and 1 in 5 households with children across the Commonwealth are facing hunger right now.  At the same time, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection estimates that 1/4th of what is thrown in the garbage in Massachusetts is food.
At Food Link, we believe in a food system in which no one goes hungry, and nothing goes to waste. We rescue food from the waste stream and redistribute it to the community.  We are excited to be a Commonwealth Partner with Project Bread on the Walk for Hunger fundraiser, aiding both our efforts to feed the hungry and save the environment.
Will you join us to help the unprecedented number of people who can't afford enough to eat due to the COVID-19 pandemic? For every donation you make to our team, 40% benefits Project Bread's advocacy work to connect people to food sources and 60% benefits our efforts at Food Link to prevent food waste.
Click on the DONATE NOW button above and let's save the environment and ensure kids and families have food on the table! 
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The Commonwealth 

Our team is participating in The Commonwealth - a fundraising share program where 60% of the funds raised by our team will support the Food Link, Inc.

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