Be a Virtual Walker

Are you busy this year on Sunday, May5th and wish there was still a way you could participate in The Walk for Hunger? There is!

Be a Virtual Walker! You'll gain access to the following:

» Your own Walk Webpage on this website.
» Online fundraising tools, including customized emails to send to friends about why the Walk is still important even if you can't participate this year.
» Photo galleries of the Walk after the event.

It's easy to register as a Virtual Walker. 

You can participate as an individual or start a Virtual Walk team. Simply choose "Virtual Walker" as your participation type to ensure that you'll have access to all of the tools you need as a virtual participant in this year's event.

Why Register?

Get your own Walk Webpage on this website. You can change the colors, add a picture of yourself, and write your own message about why you care about The Walk for Hunger. Send a link to your Walk Webpage to friends and family, and they can donate in your honor.

It's the easiest way to tell friends and family about your commitment to helping hungry people in Massachusetts. Use our customized messages to easily send emails to friends and family letting them know how important the Walk is, even if you can't actively participate this year. You can write personal emails yourself, or use samples that we provide.

Friends and family can donate online directly to you. When your friends visit your Walk Webpage, they can easily and securely donate directly in your honor. And whenever someone donates to you, you'll see the fundraising thermometer on your Walk Webpage rise! 

Featured Walker: Nathan P.

Virtual Participant Nathan P. Swims for Hunger

We know a very special Heart & Sole Walker who had a USA Swim Team swim meet on the day of the Walk. Nathan was upset to learn that he couldn't participate in the Walk that year. But he had an idea. Learn more about Nathan's "Swim for Hunger" — a long distance swim completed in his swim meet on Walk Day.

Walk for Hunger 2014

Mark your calendars for the 46th annual Walk for Hunger—Sunday, May 4, 2014! Register online beginning in February.