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Building stronger communities

“A view of the future as we begin a new year . . . and one that Project Bread fully endorses.”
— Ellen Parker

KarmaTube: Pam Warhust, Incredible Edible! "An idea to make a kinder, more aware, stronger community: plant every available meter of public land with fruits and vegetables."
(posted December 2012)

Video from KarmaTube

The Farm Bill and School Food

Ellen Parker at Museum of Science's "Let's Talk About Food" event — Sunday, January 29, 2012. Ellen provided Project Bread’s perspective on how the Farm Bill affects what’s on a child’s lunch plate, highlighting our Chefs in Schools program.
(posted February 2012)

Poverty in Perspective

“An interesting overview on how we’ve dealt with poverty.”
— Ellen Parker

Huffington Post: Dan Morgan, Remembering Poverty Before the Safety Net (posted January 2012)

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

“This is a thoughtful piece, which reminds us that strengthening social networks is a powerful way of helping those in need.”
— Ellen Parker

Huffington Post: Maurice Lim Miller, The Power of Social Networks to Break the Cycle of Poverty (posted December 2011)

School Food

"School food is a leading solution to prevent hunger among children and to promote their health." — Ellen Parker

Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food (posted November 2010)


You need Adobe PDF Reader to view this document. Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools: Leading the Way toward Healthier Youth (Fact Sheet) (posted November 2010)

Food and Health Policy 

NY Times Op-Ed: Big Food vs. Big Insurance (posted November 2010)  


Using the Arts to Communicate a Deeper Emotional Truth about Hunger
NPR "All Things Considered": Michael Nye, About Hunger and Resilience (posted November 2010)


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"Fresh Ideas" is a compilation of hunger-related resources, recommended and updated regularly by Project Bread Executive Director Ellen Parker.